Double Hung Window Replacements: Green is Beautiful

Double Hung Window Replacements: Green is Beautiful


Are you planning on replacing your old windows but concerned about sacrificing beauty for energy efficiency? Well, the good news is you don’t have to sacrifice either when you choose double hung replacement windows. That’s because the very design of these charming windows provides smart ventilation for your home. Add to that original great feature the bonus of advanced window technology and you have windows that can save homeowners money and help to save the planet.

In fact, you could say that double hung replacement windows actually offer “twice” the energy savings of other windows. Here’s how:

Old Green Technology

Double hung windows have been around for about three hundred years. Our colonial forefathers (and foremothers) knew a good thing when they saw it! Double hung window construction involves two sashes, a top and a bottom, and each one opens and closes independently.

Because hot air rises and cold air sinks, double hung windows are uniquely equipped to regulate the temperature within a home, thanks to their simple thermodynamic design: with the top sash open, the warmer air can escape, to be replaced by cooler air, which can flow in through the lower sash. In other words, the window works like an air conditioner in the summer, but you’re snug and warm in winter when both are closed.

New Green Technology

Modern innovations are making double hung windows more efficient than ever before. Some of today’s double hung replacement windows are technologically advanced in both materials and construction.

Let’s look at window glass first: new energy efficiency standards in glass add to the double hung window’s overall cost savings. If you want to take advantage of the Federal Stimulus Tax Credit, your windows have to meet a U-Factor equal to or less than 0.30 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) equal to or less than 0.30.

Different types of Low-E glass, a glass that has low emissivity–thanks to a metallic coating that restricts the passage of radiant heat–are available today as more and more innovations in glass technology are introduced. Not only does Low-E glass save you money on heating and cooling costs, it can also protect your house and furniture from harmful UV rays, and help with sound penetration.

One fourth generation innovation called High Performance Low-E4 even claims to lower maintenance costs by reducing water spots and dirt buildup by 99% on the exterior. A titanium dioxide coating reacts with sunlight, loosens dirt which is washed away by rain, and dries faster so you get fewer water spots.

Then there is FIBREX. FIBREX is a patented composite window material made of reclaimed wood fibers and vinyl PVC that was created by Andersen Windows.

The effect of heat and cold on FIBREX is similar to the engineered wood commonly used for houses…and that means these double hung sash windows stay airtight because they ‘move’ with the house. Vinyl, for example expands and contracts a lot causing bowing, cracking and leaks or drafts.

While some materials, like metal for example, transfer massive amounts of heat, FIBREX transfers virtually nothing, which means that warm air stays inside during the winter and hot air stays outside in the summer. FIBREX can also withstand extreme temperatures, which means that FIBREX windows will last for years and years.

Fiberglass can also be considered a composite material. It is made with glass fibers and resin. Like FIBREX this durable composite material does not conduct heat or cold, so it is a good insulator. Both fiberglass and Fibrex won’t warp, crack, rot or corrode.

FIBREX windows are the first windows in America to earn the coveted Green Seal, a mark of environmentally responsible manufacturing and design awarded only to products that offer superior performance while protecting the planet.

In today’s world, with soaring fuel costs and serious environmental concerns, the double hung window design is receiving renewed attention and will no doubt continue to be very popular, both for its traditional beauty and its remarkable energy efficiency. So “double” your energy savings and choose double hung replacement windows for your home!

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